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Published items associated with the tag: Data Protection

Publication Privacy and Data Protection: W... Aug 24, 2010
Publication Cirrus, Stratus and Cumulus: T... Mar 23, 2011
Publication The Future of Privacy Standard... May 05, 2011
Publication 8th Annual Litigation Trends R... Nov 01, 2011
Publication Navigating Between U.S. Discov... Jan 02, 2012
Publication FTC Speaks Through Spokeo: Whe... Jul 25, 2012
Publication Government Addresses Privacy C... Nov 30, 2012
Publication Article III Standing in FISA C... Mar 01, 2013
Publication Viewpoint: Code Doesn’t Addres... Feb 05, 2013
News Fulbright Hires IP Lawyer As C... Nov 30, 2010
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Fulbright Attorney - Laura Kalesnik

Laura Kalesnik, Partner

"Working in the corporate practice area is especially exciting right now, because it is growing rapidly here at the firm."