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Fulbright's Third Annual Litigation Trends Survey Findings

Fulbright's Third Annual Litigation Trends Survey Findings This independent survey, commissioned by Fulbright & Jaworski, canvassed 422 senior corporate counsel in 2006, the most ever in the survey’s three years and once again a statistically significant number. The survey sample included 111 participants from 23 countries across the globe, including 45 in the United Kingdom.

The result is a far more international picture of corporate litigation trends than with previous surveys. This year, we also covered some new ground, such as:

  • Disputes with $20 million or more at stake
  • Frequency of litigation abroad
  • Regulatory matters
  • The virtual law firm

There are also more details this year on the resources used for e-discovery, most frequent types of class actions and industries most often targeted, where and how international disputes are being resolved —and much more.

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